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  • Performance


    3 minutes of z1 work + 3-5 minutes of mobility work *ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats + 3-5 minutes of workout prep *lateral squats x 10/side *Good mornings x 20 *forward wall slides x 20 *Single arm OH walking lunge x 10m per side then A. Power Clean + FS; 1+1(2) – E2MOTM x 10

  • Fitness


    A. Power Clean from 3 sec. pause @ knee + FS; 1+1(2) – E2MOTM x 10 minutes.. building as you go along… hold the power catch for 2 sec. then squat from there B1 curls x 15 x2 B2 tricep ext. x 15 x2 + 20 minutes on the clock to finish the follow 70