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  • Performance


    3 minutes of z1 work + 5-7 minutes of mobility/activation work *ankles, hips, glutes, lats, scaps, upper back + 5 minutes of movement prep Lateral squats x 10/side Skater squats x 10/side Single leg DL x 10/side bottoms up press x 10/side then A1 Wide grip RDL x 10×3 A2 PP + PJ; 1+1(2) x

  • Fitness

    A1 Wide grip rDL x 10×3 A2 Strict DB Press x 10×3 + “Crush Town” teams of 2 must complete the following for time 10 renegade rows (each) 20 angled wall walks (just walk to comfort level with good midline positioning) 40 box step ups 60 ball slams 80 KB swings 100 calorie row **if