The Performance program is for the member who wants to push the limits and gain access to another level of fitness. This program is designed to increase each persons general physical preparedness, with a slight emphasis on the sport of CrossFit. The movements will be more involved, and the demand will be greater. This program is cycled throughout the year on a periodized program. If you like to be competitive, and want that push, then this is the program for you.


  • Jeff Funaro
    2 years experience

  • Dan Lowenberg
    2 years experience

  • Tom Kay
    2 years experience

  • Gina Franco
    2 years experience

  • Justin Nassra
    2 years experience


  • Small class size

  • Individual attention

  • Friendly staff

  • Great facility

Pricing Plan

  • 3-day session
    $150 per month

  • Unlimited session
    $185 per month