Ryan Kononchik


Ryan has a degree in physical education from Eastern Connecticut State University where he played lacrosse also. After College Ryan taught as a health and physical education teacher for several school districts including Amity Regional, Seymour, and for the State Technical School System. He has also been heavily involved in the sports department at Amity where he is a Ski Racing and Lacrosse Coach.Ryan found interest in physical fitness in his college years after taking a few strength and conditioning classes. In the years to follow he was always looking for the next best thing. It wasn’t until after college when he read about something called “Crossfit” in a magazine. “At the time, I did not realize that crossfit gyms existed. I thought it was just an online program. I performed what workouts I could at the local big box gym.“ Ryan met Jason Leydon at a certification course where he was invited to Crossfit Milford and eventually became a coach.Since leaving his teaching position, Ryan has never been happier. He enjoys coaching and is always striving to become better at what he does. He wants to help everyone from the person who has never lifted or exercised before to the most advanced athletes. “Everyday I am blown away by the accomplishments that our members achieve in this environment. I highly recommend our program to anyone looking to make any type of change in their life. Any obstacle that someone may face is easily surmountable after working out here.

Ryan’s Credentials:
OPT CCP Level 1 Associate Coach
ECSU Physical Education B.A.
Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Running & Endurance
Crossfit Olympic Lifting
Crossfit Mobility & Recovery
Crossfit Coaches Preparatory Course
AFAA personal training certification
CPR & First Aid


Gina Franco

Gina comes to Housatonic Vally Crossfit with over 6 years of experience in Personal Training and Group Exercise Instruction. I have always had a passion for fitness and have completed various races as well as my first triathlon.

I believe in a total, complete healthy lifestyle, meaning fulfillment in all aspects of one’s life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  When a person is active, they feel great, have more confidence, more energy and get more accomplished.

At HVCF you will become part of a family.  The atmosphere and energy inside these walls is like no other gym!  We will teach you how to do pull-ups & pushups, how to run farther and faster, how to eat well with out sacrifice and most importantly why functional movements are important for a healthy lifestyle.

I am a mother of two young Crossfitting daughters.  They are growing up learning the importance of health, strength and confidence. I am passionate about the Crossfit philosophy and enjoy sharing it, then seeing people reach beyond their fitness goals.

Gina Franco’s Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • Certified Personal Trainer, (AFFA)
  • Certified Primary Group Exercise Instructor, (AFFA)
    CrossFit Mobility and Recovery
  • CrossFit Kids Certified
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CPR/AED Certified

Tom Kay

I have been an athlete all my life. I played Div III football in college, no scholarships, very little tv, just a bunch of guys who loved the game.  The camaraderie and competition were what I loved about football.  After I played my last game in college I thought I had lost that forever. Fast forward to December of 2008, I had grown bored with long slow running and the big box gym routine. At the invitation of a friend I tried a crossfit workout and was hooked.  I found the camaraderie and competition again that I thought I had lost.  There is just something about giving your all and looking at the person next to you knowing they are doing the same. Just as in football, the life lessons learned through crossfit are priceless; hardwork, discipline and community. The difference between crossfit and football is crossfit is for everyone and anyone who wants to take control of their life not just a select few.  My goal as a coach is to help athletes rediscover those things they thought they had lost and discover the things in life that are truly important.


Tom Kay’s credentials:

  • Crossfit Level I Certification
  • CrossFit Mobiltiy and Recovery
  • Crossfit Nutrition Certification

Jeff Funaro


Coach Jeff is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University where he played baseball for four years. During that time, he served as tri-captain in 2003 and starting catcher on the 2002 National Championship team. After college, Jeff played four seasons of independent minor league baseball in the Can-Am and Frontier Leagues. It was after his baseball career was over that Jeff found Crossfit. While living in New York, he worked out on his own before joining and eventually coaching at Crossfit 718 in Brooklyn. Jeff came to Crossfit Milford in September of 2013 when he was ultimately trained and named a coach in October of that year. Coach Jeff is a CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit Strongman certificate holder who also coaches at CrossFit Milford, Milford CT.

Jeff Funaro Credentials:
L1 Crossfit Coach
Crossfit Strongman Certification
Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
Crossfit Milford Coach
Housatonic Valley Crossfit Coach


Justin Nassara

Before I started my Crossfit Journey in 2013 I was practicing and teaching martial arts. I began with my martial arts background in at the age of 5, and as time went on I found myself participating in competitions and practicing several different styles of fighting, like Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mauy Thai.
At the age of 16 I was lucky enough to be able to find this cool sport called Crossfit. In the beginning, I really couldn’t afford a membership, so I had to teach myself the movements. I remember sitting in my basement for hours drilling technique everyday.
Furthermore, in December 2013, I became apart of the Housatonic Valley Crossfit community. I would be there almost 95% of my day, and everyday I was there. Watching Coach Jeff and Coach Gina gave me that push to go and get my Crossfit Level-1 Certificate.

As of now I am currently in college persuing a degree in nutrition, and hope to continue my education on fitness by taking on more Crossfit Certifications and by discovering different ways to change the lives of people.

Some of my favorite things to do when I am in the gym training is to move a heavy barbell around and to get out of breath a lot. My favorite movements would have to be the Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements like muscle-ups and handstand push ups. In addition, to moving heavy barbells and getting out of breath, I also believe in giving my body the chance to recouperate, by doing yoga, foam rolling and various stretches.




Vin Kampf



“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”- Andre Gide

I have been a competitive athlete since I was a kid. In high school I played Baseball, Basketball, and Football and went onto to play D1 baseball at Sacred Heart University.  Was introduced to Crossfit in 2010, like many I was skeptical but needed a new gym routine.  I decided to give it a shot. I signed up for the 3 training session at CFM, and my first workout was Helen (3 rounds; 400 meter run, 21 KB swings, 12 pull ups) used a green band for pull ups and yes puked.  I never thought i could get that good of  a workout in such a short time.  Needless i was hooked. What drew me into Crossfit was the community atmosphere and support from everyone and the healthy competitiveness between other athletes you work out beside.  As I love for Crossfit grew I decided to get my Coaching certificate.  I have a deep rooted passion for helping others in anyway I can.  Watching some complete something today that they couldn’t do weeks or months ago is one of the most

rewarding things to me.  I consider everyone in our community my family and look forward to reaching all of our goals together.



I try to be well rounded in all areas
Creating a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for everyone to reach and obtain their goals
Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer
Crossfit Mobility Certified