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    3 minutes of z1 work
    3-5 minutes of mobility work
    *ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats
    3-5 minutes of workout prep
    wall squats x 10
    bottoms up kb press x 10/side
    x-band walk x 10/side
    kip swing on rings x 10
    dip support shrugs x 10


    A. Snatch RDL x 2 reps EmOM x 5 minutes Each rep is 5 sec. lower
    B.1 push press; 10.8.6
    B.2 Back ext. x 12-15 x 3
    3 rounds
    2000m shuttle sprint (100m out and back)
    10 no push up burpee box jump w/ step down
    15 DL @ 40-50% of max
    250m row
    rest time = work time

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