• Performance-4.29.17

    3 minutes of z1 work
    7-9 minutes of mobility / activation work
    *ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats
    *foam roll lats
    *lacrosse ball scap
    *lacrosse ball pec
    *foam roll hamstring down to calves
    *side lying db ext. rot. x 10/side
    *half kneeling bottoms up press
    *single leg RDL x 10/side
    *single leg balance (scale or hold)


    A1 Front Squat @ 32×1 tempo x 4 reps x 3 sets **goal is around 70% of max here
    A2 DB unsupported row x 8/side @ 31×2 x 3 sets
    Teams of 2 must complete the following:
    10 rounds for time (switching after each movement)
    200m shuttle run (50m out and back x4)
    10 TnG hang squat cleans

    **choose a squat clean weight for your team that you can do 10 unbroken reps with.


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