• Performance


    3 minutes of z1 work
    7 minutes of mobility activation work
    *ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats
    *foam roll lats and upper back
    *tennis ball pec and scap area
    *tennis ball bottoms of feet and calves
    *side lying db. ext. rot. x 10/side
    *KB windmill x 10/side
    *Single leg DL x 10/side
    *x-band walks x 10/side
    5-7 minutes of movement prep


    A1 BB front rack box step ups (lateral) x 5/side x 3 sets
    A2 DB row x 5/side x 3
    A3 russain twist x 30×3
    Pull ups x 7
    squat clean x 3
    S2OH x1
    8-10 sec. sprint (running or bike or row)
    rest 2:00 between rounds
    x5-7 rounds

    **the weight for the clean and S2OH are the same. This should be around 60-65% of Clean and jerk

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