• Simple Nutrition

    Simple Nutrition

    I want to talk about simple nutrition. Understand, I am not a nutritionist nor have I ever had any formal education on the subject so do not confuse me for being an expert, AT ALL. However, like many things in my Crossfit career, I know what works for me through trial and error. As an athlete and human being, I need to keep things simple. I will never be able to make fancy recipes or be disciplined enough to stick to calculated dietary regimens. With all that being said, I have needed to lose some weight and burn some fat. When I got home from the Crossfit Games in July, I was heavy. I felt uncomfortable and knew I needed to make a change. When I stepped on the scale at the gym, it read 223 lbs. I really don’t care how much I weigh, If i weighed 275 and was long and lean, I’d be happy. 223, though, was heavy and not pretty. Since returning from California, I have been able to drop my weight down to 210, so far, and maintain most of my strength and performance during workouts. My physical results have been noticeable to me and I am my own biggest critic. So how am I doing it? By keeping it simple. Scrambled eggs in coconut oil, Cross Cuisines, and grilled chicken with guacamole have been my go to meals. Of course thats not all I eat, but thats really how simple I’ve been. Have some common sense. Eat things that have actual nutritional value. Stop drinking soda, don’t eat fast food, and eliminate as much added sugar as you can. If you find yourself wondering whether or not something is good for you, it probably isn’t. Preparation, I hate it, so I do it once. Throw the whole package of chicken on the grill (for me, thats six pieces) and grill it for six minutes on each side. Boom! You have a meal for the week. Take a pound of grass fed ground beef, make four burger patties out of it and grill them all for five to six minutes per side. Now you have variety in no time flat. For condiments, I use those single serving packets of Wholly Guacamole. The spicy kind has great flavor. I’ll also use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, which is a soy sauce substitute. I have just given you some gems to add to your routine that allow for nutrition and flavor. After having said all that, I realize that you can get and would benefit way more from detailed diets from the greats Dr. Jaime and Amy Plano, but what I’m offering is opinion related, simplistic, common sense eating. I cannot offer you facts based diets, but I absolutely can offer you support and guidance. Lets talk about it and hold each other accountable. Come see me at the gym or email me at jeff@crossfitmilford.com. I know that there is no one thing that works for everyone but if you are simple, like me, I can help. Have fun getting lean and don’t suffer while doing it.


    Sincerely yours,

    Coach Jeff

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